Kathy Herring

Computer Consultant / Owner

Kathy has over 30 years of experience in the computer industry. Her expertise includes programming in several languages, such as, COBOL, BASIC, FORTRAN, as well as multiple fourth generation languages. Her portfolio includes development of several computer programs and training materials which are still being used today by a governmental agency. Kathy is a Microsoft Certified Partner, a Radiant Software Reseller for Point-of-Sales software and a Radiant Hardware Technician. Kathy has several Microsoft Certifications including Windows Servers Implementation, Windows Desktops and MS SQL. She has worked for two CPA firms specializing in Accounting and Point-of- Sales Software

Kathy acquired extensive experience in the manufacturing and banking industry while working in the Silicon Valley. She was a national computer consultant for a major financial consulting firm, where she specialized in bank conversions and traveled extensively in the United States. Converting data from one software program to another was one of her main responsibilities. Her many accomplishments include the development of a conversion system that would protect the integrity and confidentiality of the client’s data during conversion and allow for specialized modules. Kathy learned to troubleshoot and repair PC hardware as she traveled across the country with her portable computer. The knowledge that she gained through that experience has been an essential component of her company’s growth.

Kathy’s broad range of programming languages, hardware and software has given her the knowledge needed to pursue customizations business software for her clients. This specialized talent has made her an asset in today's automated world. Her goal is to show every computer owner how to utilize their computer, either at home or business, to its fullest capacity.

Kathy has lived in San Benito County since 1977. She is married with has two children that keep her busy in community sports activities. She was the Treasure of the Sacred Heart Parents' Club, past board member of the San Benito Aquatics swim team. To fulfill a childhood dream, she also breeds show quality Golden Retrievers.


Brian Stround

Website Design

Brian's passion for creating websites emerged while a part of a band called 3xR. The band had asked someone to create a website to post concert dates, news, pictures and other band information in a public forum. The website that was presented was unprofessional, unattractive and simply not what was wanted. After assessing the website, Brian got clear on what the expectations and needs for the site were. Brian presented these to the designer without success. The web designer was not willing to work with the needs and expectations Brian had for the website, and even went so far as to suggest that his ideas would not work, or look unprofessional or unattractive.

This experience launched Brian into the business of website design. He has several years of experience with HTML, image design and manipulation, Macromedia Flash, and a growing knowledge of Java development.